Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap

Summernote Master

Worldwide Bootstrap

Meet the world's best WYSIWYG editor on bootstrap. Summernote support both bootstrap 3.0.x and 2.x.x.

Easy to Install

Simply download a zip file and add your html folder with Bootstrap. more...

Open Source

Summernote is licensed under MIT and maintained by the community on GitHub.


Customize by Initializing various options. more...

Smart Shortcuts

Bind your favorite keyboard shortcut easily, We provide default common shortcut. more...

Integrate Backend

Integrate it with any back-end technology. Examples available in nodejs, python, ruby. more...

Trend-leading Features

  • Lightweight (js+css: 58Kb)
  • Smart User Interaction
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Internet Explorer 9+ (IE8 support coming soon)

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